What does the number next to the 🔥-symbol mean?

The number next to the flame icon indicates how many days you have already been online with LabyMod and were connected to our LabyChat on a daily basis.

How and when will your streak be continued?

Your streak will then continue if you start LabyMod on a daily basis and if you are connected to our LabyChat (ESC/Multiplayer -> Chat).

Vad betyder Hourglass-symbolen?

The hourglass icon means that you will soon lose your streak, as it seems like you have not been online and/or connected to the LabyChat yet.

Your streak was discontinued despite being connected to our LabyChat every day?

Kontakta vår support via formuläret på denna sida.

Jag kan inte ansluta till LabyChat. Vad kommer att hända med min streak?

Kontakta vår support här. Använd INTE formuläret på den här sidan förrän problemet är åtgärdat.

Request streak restore