LabyMod for Minecraft 1.8.9 and 1.12.2

LabyMod Installer

With the installer, LabyMod will be added to Minecraft with only a few mouseclicks. Additionally, you can add a variety of extra mods if you want.

for Windows, Mac & Linux

You need Java for the installation. Click here to download.


- Improved the color and animation of the dragon wings cosmetic
- Added a new cosmetic
- Fixed a bug in 1.12 that the shader disables itself when you change the perspective.
- Missing texture on texture loading fixed
- Small improvements
- Fixed an issue that stickers could not be displayed for specific players
- Missing texture on texture unloading fixed
- Just some crash fixes
- Express your mood with brand new STICKERS!
By participating in events or supporting one of our partners, you will receive new stickers.
You can view all your stickers by pressing the B button.
- Tired of refreshing LabyMod to see changes of cosmetic textures? Textures of capes and bandanas will now update immediately after their change!
- Choosing emotes always took time and effort! Use emotes lightning-fast by pressing the emote key and the respective hotbar key at the same time.
- You like bugs and crashes? We don’t!! That's why we fixed a lot of them!
- We added some new secret cosmetics! *_*

- We created a whole new Resourcespacks24 addon with many new features!

For developers:
- You can now set the playing gamemode for a player using our API!
More information on our documentation website:
Major Performance Update
- LabyMod can now be run on every toaster
- We've added a new cosmetic!
- Cosmetics can have multiple colors now
- We've added something really cool and its release is right around the corner! Be excited!
- We have added the possibility to make animations smoother on future emotes.

- The clicktest should now work properly!
- You can now move the Minecraft chat to a custom position by pressing the middle mouse button.
- We've added a green wolf icon in the tablist for our translators:

- We've changed the behaviour of the clicktest
- Nametags should now work in the chat of the Hive server
- The module editor of LabyMod is now much more smoother to use, especially the scaling of modules!
- We've added an "unread message counter" to the LabyMod chat! It will also be shown in the taskbar.
- You can now see when your chat partner is typing!
- Emotes are now working on Hypixel!
- You can change the inventory scale independently of the Minecraft GUI scale now!

- We've fixed a lot of not working features in the Forge version.
- Bossbars are stacking now in Minecraft 1.12
- Permission changes of a server are no longer hidden behind modules
- We solved some issues with elytras and emotes in Minecraft 1.12
- The achievement screen is now working correctly when the background is turned off
- We've also fixed a lot of bugs in several addons!
- We've fixed a resizing issue of resizeable modules loaded by addons!
- Fixed some bugs
- Added two new cosmetics

- Added new featured CustomMainMenu addon
- VoiceChat: You can now display soundwaves for every player in the VoiceChat module. Also by clicking on the player in the module, you can report them.
- We now highlight our partner servers in the public server list!
- We removed the TeamSpeak implementation. But it is still as an addon available in our addon store ! :)
- You can now change the scale of the potion effects module!
- We've implemented a clear chat fix in the 1.12.2 Minecraft version!
- We added the possibility to report capes in the player action menu.

- Fixed the 1.12.2 bow animation
- The left hand item slot in 1.12.2 is now no longer overlapping with the itemslot modules
- The AFK timer is now triggered on a strafe movement
- The coordinate module will update in spectator mode now
- Increased the maximum length of the e-Mail and password field in the account manager
- Fixed a render issue with the steampunk wings
- Removed some wrong chat permissions of the LabyMod API
- You will no longer be logged in to the LabyMod chat automatically, after you forced a logout.
- The emote selector is now hidden in F1
- The slider element got some improvement
Rendering and crash fixes in 1.12
- We improved a lot of backend stuff to improve the performance for weak computers. Your FPS should be better now. ;)
- We improved the Super Secret Settings selection. You can now easily switch between shaders without clicking through the whole list.

Module Editor:
- We added profiles to the module editor! You can now save different module settings for different Minecraft servers.
- You can now reset the module editor configurations to default directly ingame!
- It's now possible to add a background and padding value to all text and item modules.
- All modules are now individually resizeable.

For developers (
- We implemented an emote API to force emotes to NPC's serverside!
- We finally added the Server Switch Packet!
- The size of the subtitles can now be changed.

- Switching the perspective no longer disable the selected shader.
- The selected shader is now still activated after a restart.
- You can now change the shortcut to toggle the hitbox.
- You can now filter action/event messages in chat.
- The emote selector and user action menu fits now to the monitor resolution.
- Added new flag textures for the Hat cosmetic.
- We removed the white wolf in the tablist. (LabyMod User Indicator)

- A mass of different bug and crashfixes
- Cosmetics should no longer invisible for no reason.
- Discord Rich Presence should work now on linux. Yeah!
- Screenshot fix should work now. (The "<" key is no longer equal to the "F2" key)
- Badge loading fixes of the LabyMod User Indicator
- We added a scrollbar to the dropdown element to handle more elements
- You can no longer right or left click on entities while using the emote/user selector
- The permissions will now reset after changing the Minecraft server directly in the game.
The red nose can now be moved up and down.
The head should no longer dissapear while playing an emote.
The chat animation works now correctly with different chat scales.
The search bar in the LabyMod settings got improved two times! :)
Fixed oxygen bar overlapping with the saturation bar.
We've implemented a smooth chat animation, which is disabled by default.
And for Christmas we've added three new cosmetics to the game: a Santa beard, reindeer antlers and a red glowing nose!

Preventing Minecraft serverlist timeouts after starting.
Fixed some missing textures in the module editor.
The alternative player menu key option is now a primary key.
We have added a name history function to the player menu!
An option to disable the animation and to change the hotkey of the player menu.
The global chat should no longer disappear when you add more rooms.

The VoiceChat has been improved again.
We added a user action menu! Just middle click on any user with your mouse wheel :)
Added more locales!
Improved emote backend
Server resource packs should work again
We improved our crash reporter!
Less RAM usage and internet traffic for cosmetic stuff
Improved out of memory warning

Our VoiceChat got a complete nice fresh clean super duper high end recode! Lags and other problems should be gone forever!!
Major changes / new features:
- We added super fancy and animated emotes to Minecraft!
- Now, everything is translated to many different languages! THANKS to all the translators on our translation platform: (
- Cosmetics updates are now live for everyone. You no longer have to press that damn refresh button. Yeaah!
- We added a LabyMod user indicator. You can now stalk all LabyMod users on the server!
- Namehistory got a nice fresh recode. It's no longer on the top right, it's at the bottom right corner instead!
- Discord Rich Presence is FINALLY here!! Servers can access it by using our superduper high intelligent API.
- We added a shortcut tool to replace words in the Minecraft chat field - So you can avoid insulting users and change the word "stupid" simply to "amazing". You are so amazing!!
- We added an out of memory warning and you can also increase your memory directly ingame. Cool, isn't it?
- Spotify got removed :( But don't worry! It's now available as an addon :)
- We fixed a resourcepack exploit in Minecraft Vanilla 1.8. Evil servers can no longer access your computer by searching file names >:).

- We improved all existing 1.7 animations! (Thanks to Fypsilon for helping us)
- The inventory 1.7 animation is now also available in creative mode.
- We added the old backwards walking animation in 1.12!

Bugfixes / Improvements
- Achievement notifications can now also appear in the main menu.
- The ping module can no longer display negative numbers. This is amazing right?
- Fixed some Teamspeak stuff.
- The Optifine versio number will now be displayed in the addon store.
- Our crash reporter got some nice improvements. This might help you guys, if you have trouble with crashes just submit your crashlog to us and we will deal with the rest. Let the fight against crashes begin!
- You can now hide the X and Z coordinates.

New featured addons by our developers:
- VoiceChat - Can you hear me?
- Minimap - From the top the whole thing looks quite different!
- Spotify - Music is love, music is life!
- Controller - Do you ususally use controllers? Try it out for Minecraft!
- Autocorrection - Cen you spaek englisch?, oh, Can you speak English?*

For addon developers:
- We finally added an addon development packet. Addon developers can now share messsages between each other without an external service.
- Implemented a click listener in the addon settings GUI. That might be interesting for addon developers.
- Subtitles! Servers are now able to display custom subtitles below the playername. But it's bound to the server only!
- ControlElements can now have a blocked state. Necessary for permissions and stuff like this.
- Our debug system got some nice improvements. For example a "Restart in debug mode" button!
- Addon developers can now add a required version attribute in their addons.json
Added crashreporter
Added LabyMod Chat connect delay
Improved debugger
Fixed teamspeak bugs
Improved debugger
Fixed live cosmetic update
Preventing tagged clickevents
Added fast world loading feature
Fixed invisible cosmetic bug in 1.12 or on mac
Improved chunk caching
Teamspeak feature bugfixes
Settings GUI bugfixes
Added chunk caching file cache
Removed deprecated stuff
Added splash text api
Cosmetic bugfixes
Changed send instantly default value in autotext
Added send instantly option in autotext
Changed rabbit cosmetic animation
Cosmetics will now update instantly ingame
Fixed chat scrolling in 1.12
Fixed chunk caching bug
Fixed teamspeak sorting
Changed scale of witch hat cosmetic
+ Added chunk caching support for minecraft servers
+ Improved performance
+ Scaleable minecraft chat
+ Custom minecraft chat limit and scroll speed
+ Added tabs in minecraft chat
+ Clickable teamspeak messages in chat
+ Added headset, angel wings, dog, shoes and flower cosmetic
+ BR, CH, DK, ES, FR, IT, NL, PT, RO, RU language support
+ Recoded wolf tail, rabbit ears and halo cosmetic
+ Recoded minecraft ingame chat
+ Recoded second chat
+ Added loading steps in splash screen
+ Fixed crash on join
+ Fixed tooltip render bug
+ Fixed Addonloader bug
+ Fixed 1.12 API Messages
+ Added new Addon Store
+ Fixed TeamSpeak notification bugs
+ Added menu tabs API
+ Added TeamSpeak listener API
+ Fixed cape loading
+ Fixed LabyMod API bugs
+ Added space option to modules (LabyMod API)
+ Fixed marketplace addon loading bug
+ Fixed public server list pinger for 1.12
+ Added teamspeak notification to mc chat
+ Fixed LabyMod Chat crash
+ Added plugin message method to API
+ Added offline addon loader
+ Fixed TeamSpeak auth crash
+ Added pen to mc chat for edited usernames
+ Fixed TeamSpeak crash
+ Added Particle Fix
+ ReplayMod support
+ Fixed LabyMod API quit server event
+ Added new LabyMod Server API
+ Added pinging animation to public server list
+ Added server list info
+ Recoded blockbuild (Thanks to Raziel)
+ Enabled blockbuild as default (disabled on hypixel)
+ Fixed tooltip bug
+ Removed blockbuild in 1.12
+ Fixed java heap space
+ Fixed server list sorting
+ Fixed utf8 configs
+ Added extra permission to enable blockbuild swing animation
+ Fixed NaN health
+ LabyMod Chat bugfixes
+ Added cape report command
+ Added debug console
+ Updated LabyMod API
+ Removed unused locales
+ Added range, combo and speed module
+ 1.12.2 crash fix
+ Fixed 1.12 Tab-complete
+ Fixed Minecraft screenshot bug
+ Fixed AccountManager GUI
+ Fixed 1.12 chat length
+ Fixed module loading for mac users
+ Fixed client crash
+ Texture unloader bugfix
+ Added Optifine options
+ Changed youtube sub counter to youtube api
+ Updated LabyMod API
+ Added addon verified icon & author
+ Fixed AccountManager mc-demo bug
+ Added render entity event
+ Fixed TeamSpeak bug
+ Updated addon settings
+ Added update button
+ Updated modinfo
+ Fixed cape unloading
+ Added DE locales
+ Added lava plugin messages on join
+ Fixed TeamSpeak auth
+ Fixed scrollbar
+ Fixed TeamSpeak crash/bug
+ Fixed cap data bug
+ Fixed missing textures
+ Fixed scoreboard slots
+ Fixed Subscriber counter
+ Updated modinfo
+ Fixed plugin messages
+ TeamSpeak preview fix
+ Fixed client crash
+ Fixed YouTube URL parser
+ Fixed LabyMod Chat spam crash
+ Fixed 1.12.2 animations
+ Added Cape sorting
+ Added server list update interval option
+ Fixed Optifine support
+ Added new LabyMod API
+ Added new liquid bucket protocol / Improved Lava Fix (Thanks to Raziel)
+ Fixed cosmetic crash

+ Update cape url
+ Added changed permission notification
+ Added achievement texture
+ Changed permission animation
+ Fixed Witchchat cosmetic texture (+ flag textures)
+ Multiversion addon support
+ Added optifine 1.12.2 support
+ Added teamspeak slots
+ 1.12.2 bugfixes
+ Added new icons
+ Renamed api package to addon
+ Added new cap texture
+ Fixed scrollbar calculation
+ Fixed TeamSpeakText Module render bug
+ Added Soup Refill Fix (Thanks to Raziel)
+ Added permission information
+ Added descriptions
+ Fixed Optifine memory bug
+ AccountManager bugfix
+ Fixed overlay render bug
+ Fixed Module Editor in escape
+ Fixed some rendering bugs
+ Fixed tablist render bug
+ Added scoreboard slots
+ Fixed outofmemory
+ Added achievement message renderer
+ Fixed F Module bug
+ Fixed Clicktest bug
+ Fixed TeamSpeak bug
+ Updated entity module
+ Fixed elytra bug
+ Added LabyMod Chat settings
+ Added texture unloader
+ Added Profilesettings element
+ Added Scoreboard module
+ Fixed Multiplayer GUI
+ Spotify render bugfix
+ Fixed lags
+ Reduced CPU usage
+ Fixed module render bug
+ Fixed f3-crosshair render bug
+ Added AccountManager
+ Added new icons
+ Fixed Module Editor init lag
+ Added Spotify daemon time
+ Fixed cape bug
+ Added launcher multi folder support
+ Fixed cosmetic crash fix
+ Fixed tag GUI render fix
+ Java 6 support
+ Shader support for Module Editor Preview
+ Changed preview image
+ Fixed FastRender bug
+ Fixed Whitescreen bug
+ Added Left Hand
+ Fixed nametag render bug
+ Added LabyMod v2 API support
+ Added Lava Fix (Thanks to Raziel)
+ Added Lava Light bugfix (Thanks to Raziel)
+ Added Crosshair Sync
+ Added Better Skin Customization toggle option
+ Moved LabyMod refresh button to Skin Customization GUI
+ Added FastRender warning
+ Added Capes & Cosmetics toggle option
+ Multiversion addons folder support
+ Added dynamic optifine installer & uninstaller
+ Added optifine with forge support
+ Autotext bugfix
+ Fixed bow animation
+ Added Signsearch icon
+ Fixed Spotify bug
+ Allowed all features on
+ Fixed Module Editor GUI bug
+ Changed Module Editor scaling option
+ Fixed priority for mojang capes
+ Added Slider element
+ Finished scaling system!
+ Added border alignment in Module Editor
+ Added new textures
+ Fixed Minecon particle for forge
+ Added Snoxh eyes
+ Removed showing modules even if they've enabled F3
+ Fixed module editor zoom in escape
+ Finished cosmetic system
+ Added default settings
+ Fixed chat filter
+ Fixed chat GUI bugs
+ Fixed chat sorting bug
+ Fixed Module Editor rescale bug
+ FPS boost in Module Editor GUI
+ Added TeamSpeakText module preview
+ Added Updater
+ Fixed chat default settings
+ Fixed sign search bugs
+ Fixed spotify error
+ Finished public server list
+ Finished LabyMod Addons Gui (Marketplace)
+ Finished addons category tabs
+ Fixed MC Chat scrolling
+ Added new default value icon
+ Added entity count module
+ Added single line coordinates
+ Added Module Editor hotkey
+ Added Server Info Module
+ Added new icons
+ Added plugin message api support
+ Fixed custom loading screen renderer
+ Fixed server join crash
+ Added borderless window option
+ LabyMod Chat backend & frontend recode
+ Added Chat login GUI
+ Recoded ingame chat buttons
+ Added refresh button
LabyMod Recode

+ Added Drag & Drop GUI Editor
+ Added Public Serverlist
+ Added Minecraft 1.12.2 Support
+ Added Forge Support
+ Added Addon Platform
+ Added Multiplayer Menu Ingame
+ Better Skin Customization
+ Better Animations
+ New Spotify Modules

and much more..
+ Added Merch Crown Cosmetic
+ Added Fast Chat feature
+ New teamspeak version support
+ GommeHD-Server ip fix
! This version will no longer be updated, we're currently working on version 3.0 (a complete recode)
! LabyMod 3.0 coming soon!
+ Removed Autojoin (No longer allowed)
+ Added chat color codes buttons
+ Bugfixes.
+ Added new christmas cosmetic
+ Recoded Cosmetic System
+ Fixed LabyMod Chat join feature (now with server ports)
+ Fixed PlayMinity Nick Support & Fixed bugs
+ Added Timolia Nick Support & Fixed MSG Support
+ Added new login screen for the auth server
+ 'Not working?' option for the auth server
+ Open link request screen
+ Draggable skin preview (Skin Customization)
+ Fixed cosmetic rotation while riding entitys
+ New rabbit ears cosmetic animation if a player wears a witch or christmas hat
+ New LabyMod Chat design changes & textfield auto focus
+ Improved performance?
- Removed cape priority system
- Removed Cape Manager (Upload & Move)
+ Bugfixes! ;)
+ GommeHDnet Nightmode search
+ Original Minecon cape particle
+ Added Ingame Skin Uploader
+ Cape Report System (Ingame command /reportcape)
+ Bugfixes!
+ BedWars Bed percentage
+ Added ingame namechange history
+ Fps drops fixed
+ Controller support
+ Fixed many crashes
+ Bugfixes
+ New cape servers
+ Blockbuild bugfix
+ Added BetterHat support
+ Added Resourcepack24Mod support
+ Added all cosmetics for free
+ Added new cosmetic (Rabbit)
+ New cosmetics
+ Spotify track viewer in Minecraft
+ Cape System recoded (json format)
+ HD Capes quality increase (95% - jpg)
+ Update-System recoded (json format)
+ Mojang Status Viewer (+notification) in Minecraft
+ Out of memory fixed? (missing textures)
+ fixed skin rendering (second hand bug)
- Removed LabyMod info gui (Changelog.About.News)
+ Possibility to sort friend list by recent messages
+ LabyMod Chat friend status bar
+ Bugfixes
+ TeamSpeak LabyModChat messages in mc chat
+ Chat position rigth+left
+ Timings recoded (increase fps?)
+ Bugfixes
+ minecraft 1.9 left hand
+ custom capes for .png and .jpg!
+ Fixed installer for MC Launcher 1.6.51
+ clicktest recoded (increase fps?)
+ Left hand in F5
+ Swap bow right.left
+ Serverstatus in menu recoded
+ Directconnect serverinfo recoded
+ Bugfixes
+ stopwatch in minecraft
+ Bugfixes
+ cape visibility bug fixed
+ OpenGL error fixed
+ Bugfixes
+ fixed autoupdater
+ multible hotkey support in autotext (Ctrl+Shift+Alt)
+ Bugfixes
+ plugin message support (mc-servers can disable mod features)
+ Spanish language support
+ modapi recoded
+ pluginmessage support
+ damage animation edit
+ 1.7 sneak animation is back
+ optifine crash fixed
+ added blockbuild on revayd
+ new armor hud layout (+position)
+ LabyMod Chat friend status bar
+ LabyMod for Minecraft 1.9.*
+ Added WorldEdit CUI
+ Bugfixes
+ jpg capes (10x faster)
+ added scrollbars
+ labymod info menu (changelog, news, infos..)
+ transparent labymod settings background
+ added option to disable last servers in main menu
+ autoupdater
+ Bugfixes
+ capes recoded (Offline capes)
+ portuguese language support
+ labymod info menu (changelog, news, infos..)
+ Bugfixes
+ fixed mac crash
+ fixed cape scale
+ german language support
+ Bugfixes
+ fixed team tags (GommeHD)
+ Capes recoded
+ New settings design
+ transparent labymod settings background
+ Important Bugfixes
+ Removed filetransfer system (Chat feature)
+ Clicktest fixed
+ Ingame real time
+ Allowed on badlion and TwittUHC
+ Bugfixes
+ Ping on Tab update
+ BlockBuild update
+ Toggle gui background
+ Foodsaturation fixed
+ Fixed Tags in chat on Hypixel
+ Bugfixes
+ Laggs fixed?
+ Autoleave (GommeHD)
+ Cape settings (Skin Customization)
+ Advanced Skin Settings
+ Texture Bugs fixed
+ 1.7 and 1.8 Sneak animation
+ Capes recoded
+ Cape Manager (Move.upload cape)
+ 1.7 BlockBuild
+ Serverinfo in menu recoded
+ Direct connect info recoded
- Removed Tags on Hypixel
- Removed DamageIndicator
+ Bugfixes
+ Chat Macros (Autotext)
+ Mario (Minigames)
+ Crashfixes
+ Extra Chat recoded
+ PlayMinity German support
+ Bugfixes
+ play sound (GommeHD Map search)
+ Teamnames and bedstatus above beds (GommeHD BedWars)
+ Removed Brawl serverlist
+ little setting changes
+ Bugfixes
+ little chat changes
+ Changed default settings
+ LabyMod is no longer a McPvP Mod
+ Bugfixes
+ Damage Indicator 2.0
+ Updated Friend Tags
+ Recoded Chatfilter + Soundmessage
+ new DamageIndicatorTab in LabyMod Settings
+ cooldowntoggle
+ Installer for Mac
+ Shaders Mod support
+ Bugfixes
+ Damage Indicator
+ Toggle SpeedFOV
+ Change GommeHD Gold-Cooldown position
+ Removed gui on Rewinside
+ Bugfixes

+ Toggle SpeedFOV
+ Change GommeHD Gold-Cooldown position
+ Removed gui on Rewinside
+ Changed nickname tags
+ Bugfixes
+ More settings
+ TeamSpeak bugfixes
+ TeamSpeak channel password support
+ Chat Filter
+ Bugfixes
+ Laggs fixed
+ TeamSpeak support
+ TeamSpeak Channel ingame
+ Blockhit animation (recoded)
+ Armor animation (recoded)
+ Smooth serverlist scrolling
+ Show.hide boss health bar
+ Bugfixes
+ Brawl menu recoded
+ Friend Tags (Friends recoded)
+ LabyMod Chat
+ File sharing (Screenshots.Voice Messages)
+ Autocommand recoded
+ new Installer &amp; Updater
+ Account switcher
+ 1.7 Tablist
+ Disable Gui Button
+ Change Gui Position
+ List of online friends
+ Instant server online count on direct connect
+ Helpbox in Settingsmenu
+ Enable.Disable your own name above your head
+ AFK Timer
+ Confirm Disconnect
+ Enable.Disable Cape
- Global chat
+ Bugfixes
+ Chat notify
+ Food saturation
+ Armor rating
+ Bugfixes
+ Ready for Brawl HG
+ Brawl HG support
+ MineHG support
+ Serverinfo in menu
+ Better Multiplayer refresh
+ Bugfixes
+ More settings
+ MineKits.InfectMC.GommeHD support
+ Clicktest
+ Lava challenge timer
+ Bugfixes
+ New settings gui design
+ Timolia infos
+ Ping on tablist
+ Extra Chat for private messages
+ Account switcher
+ Bugfixes
+ Friend system
+ Blockhit animation
+ Direction F settings
+ More layout settings
+ Bugfixes
+ Friend system
+ New design
+ MC 1.8 bugfixes
+ Bugfixes
+ Old 1.7 animations in 1.8
+ Chat Symbols
+ Capes
+ Direction F settings
+ Bugfixes
+ Potion Effects
+ Custom Gui size
+ Autocommand
+ Alerts
+ Bugfixes
+ HG Box
+ GommeHD support
+ FPS, coords, ip
+ Armor HUD
+ Quickplay
+ Settings
+ All HG infos
+ MCPvP Server GUI
+ PlayMinity infos