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LabyMod 4 Development Update #5

Upplagt av LabyMod den

In the last few weeks, the circle of LabyMod 4 beta testers has once again grown enormously. All LabyMod+ users now have access to the beta, and each of them has the opportunity to invite another friend to the beta.

Manage cosmetics & skins in game

With our last update we introduced a brand new feature: There is now an additional tab in the game under which you can make all adjustments that affect your game character. Here you can not only manage your LabyMod cosmetics, but also activate and deactivate them directly in the game and change colours, textures and positioning.

In addition to the LabyMod products, you can now also customise your Minecraft skin in this new area. You have an overview of your most recently used skins, can switch between them or upload new skins. The skin library from laby.net is now also integrated here. You can scroll through the most popular skins directly in the game and even search for specific skins. If you like a skin, you can view and apply it to your player model with just one click.

New installer for Windows

We have completely reworked the LabyMod 4 Windows installer and given it a new look! You can now flexibly select the required Minecraft versions and customise directories. In addition, we now ask you directly in the installation process whether you would prefer to use LabyMod 4 in the fancy theme or in the classic Minecraft style.

Desktop shortcuts

We all know that the official Minecraft launcher can be quite annoying. It's slow, clunky and wants to update itself on what feels like every launch. Before we can possibly offer our own LabyMod Launcher at some point in the future, we have come up with a little new feature to solve the problem. With the new desktop shortcuts, you can now simply create a shortcut on your desktop in the LabyMod account manager. Click on this shortcut to open LabyMod 4 with the desired account immediately, without having to go through a launcher, and you can start playing straight away.

The public release of LabyMod 4 is getting closer and closer! Besides the many small bug fixes, we are currently working on a revised splash screen and main menu with a dynamic background. More details will be available in the next development update.

You don't want to wait until the official LabyMod 4 release and want to test the version now in the closed beta? With LabyMod+ you have the opportunity to try out all the new features right now!