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LabyMod 4 BETA

We appreciate your interest in LabyMod 4! 🥳 

Where can I access the LabyMod 4 beta version? 
Currently, the LabyMod 4 is only available as a closed beta version. So far, this is only available to users with a beta key. To receive a beta key there are currently two possibilities. Either you have already received a beta key, for example at Gamescom 2022 in Cologne, or you can apply on our website ( We will select a limited number of further testers from the applicants in the future.

I applied but did not receive a beta key?  
By registering on and confirming your email, you are only applying for a chance to win a beta key. You will be informed additionally if you are accepted as a beta tester or as soon as there are new information about LabyMod 4!

What criteria are used to evaluate the applications?  
How exactly the applications will be evaluated has not been finalised yet. The number of participants via the applications will also be determined in the future. For this reason, we are unfortunately unable to provide any further information on this at the moment.

I already have a beta key - where can I redeem it?  
You can redeem your beta key at, at the bottom. You will then be informed as soon as the beta version is available for download! 

When will the LabyMod 4 beta version be available for download for everyone?  
We are working hard to make the LabyMod 4 download available for everyone as soon as possible! Whenever there are more information, we will inform you immediately via your registered email.

Why does the development of LabyMod 4 take so long? 
The development of LabyMod 4 has taken longer than we could have imagined at the beginning. With LabyMod 4, we want to offer the best performance, a beautiful, unified and customizable look, as well as easy expandability for developers. For more insight into our development process, read our blog post about it: 


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